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We are excited to invite you to the "Endo Violence" exhibition vernissage by HYSTERA (Dr Alicja Pawluczuk) at Obenrum Untenrum / Inclusive Gynecology and Sexual Medicine (Helen Sange).

What does Endo-Violence mean to you? How can we collectively work towards a more just world for all endo warriors?

The exhibition aims to co-explore these questions alongside the endometriosis community as part of Endometriosis Awareness Month. We invite endo warriors and their allies, the endometriosis medical community, activists and researchers to co-examine their understanding of what endo violence means to them and what steps we can collectively take to address this topic.

Endo Violence Vernisage

 [ pssst.... this is your invite to a private viewing ]


19.00 - 21.00
Goethestraße 70
10625 Berlin



One’s experience of endometriosis is often affected by a set of invisible and systemic power dynamics that can be referred to as Endo-Violence.


Endo Violence is a set of beliefs and norms, acts or behaviours that are harmful or discriminatory towards an individual or group based on their gender, cultural, social, or ethnic background (e.g., social norms that period pain is normal).

Endo-Violence can be seen in the systematic mistreatment of people by society, research, and, healthcare providers, which can manifest in various forms of discrimination, bias, and abuse (e.g. potential endometriosis sufferers as "hysterical", "attention-seeking," or "overly emotional,"). 

ENDO_violence (Instagram Post (Square))(1).png

Join us for
a thought-provoking evening of reflection and discussion - joined by special guest speakers.


Places are limited, so please RSVP via this link to confirm your attendance.


Who is the artist?


photo by Zaira Biagini

HYSTERA (dr alicja pawluczuk) is a hysterical artivist.

HYSTERA's artworks are kitschy, vibrant, and most importantly - hysterical. Through hysterical artivism, she aims to raise awareness of the collective and often invisible suffering as a result of centuries of medical misogyny and the existing gender health gap.


HYSTERA’s works also explore her intersecting identities, as a technology researcher, feminist, migrant, disabled activist, and artist, and ground them within a wider socio-technological context.

HYSTERA was born in Poland, educated in Scotland, and is currently based in Berlin, where she is an artist in residence at Artist-in-Residence Program @ Hotel die Fabrik.

Read about HYSTERA’s artivism in KALTBLUT, Konibi Arts, and Curated by Girls.

website + INSTA @hy_stera.


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