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PROPOSAL airBurgenland

1:1 #seflcare endometriosis-regimes 

Self-care is an aesthetic and emotional practice. It is ought to be experienced in

a square 1:1 format >> [instagrammable] self-care is social capital.


1:1 self-care aims to convey a story of self-worth & one's socio-economic value.

It serves as evidence of one's hard work to get better. No matter what.




endometriosis is an invisible chronic illness affecting women and non-binary people. invisibly-disabled bodies are underserving bodies. they don't look sick; they pretend to be sick; they're attention seekers. endometriosis bodies bleed and complain too much. invisibly-disabled bodies should just get a grip and fix themselves (e.g., drink a green smoothie or do some yoga - and share it on social media as evidence).


invisibly-disabled bodies are not meant to be rest connoisseurs but proactive neoliberal subjects in pursuit of [digitally visible] self-improvement. their value is co- contructed within the 1:1 self-care regimes. invisibly-disabled bodies have no choice but to turn to invisible labour (creating 1:1 content) to create the best versions of themselves - to be seen as deserving bodies.







what is this proposal about? 

[1] instagramble selfcare; [2] neoliberal feminism; [3] endometriosis and invisible disabilities - these are the key topics of my proposal. As an invisible disability warrior, I have spent years defining and re-defining my value while scrolling through #selfcare content. Am I trying hard enough? How does my 1:1 content affect the way I'm being seen by others? I'm a bad disabled-neoliberal- subject (e.g., lazy attention-seeker,  hysterical fake ), or am I a good-neoliberal- disabled subject (e.g., keen to self-improve, ambitious, proactive).

I see the HIER KOMMT KUNST – FESTIVAL as an opportunity to share this art[ivism] message as an art exhibition.






project format: exhibition and participatory artivism workshop

exhibition: a mix of video works, prints & material installation creating a sort of #selfcare social media chamber.

workshop: a participatory workshop focusing on endometriosis, invisible disability and one's experiences/perceptions of # (I'm an experienced digital storytelling practitioner, educator, and founder of Digital Beez). 

incomplete sketched ideas
of the video 


Copy of 43 #seflcare regimes invisible labour & invisible disabilities (Instagram Post)(1)
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