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Our ethical principles embody our purpose and values as the Endo Violence Artivism Collective.


Beyond being procedural, these guidelines signify our commitment to storytelling as a vehicle for collective healing, reflection, and restoration within the endometriosis community.


This list is non-exhaustive and we are very aware of our limitations in the way we can approach them in our work.


Still, we hope that this checklist underlines our commitment to avoiding exploitation and creating a diverse, inclusive space that resists a singular narrative. In essence, these ethical considerations aren't merely procedural safeguards; they are the essence of our dedication to fostering a safe, empowering, and transformative environment through the pages of Endo Violence Magazyn.

Transformative Justice  

Endo Violence Magazyn is meant to be seen as a tool for collective reflection, restoration, and healing rather than punitive measures. Despite having 'violence' in its title, the zine seeks alternatives that promote healing and reconciliation.

Informed Consen

We will obtain your informed consent before including your stories in the zine. You will be informed about the project's purpose, how your stories will be used, and any potential risks or benefits associated with participating. Your involvement is entirely voluntary, and you can withdraw without consequences.


We will communicate the intentions and limitations of the zine project. You will be informed about how the zine will be used, where it will be distributed, and who will have access to it.

Anonymity & Confidentiality  

It's up to you if and how you want to be credited for your work. We can protect your privacy by using pseudonyms or other methods to keep your identity anonymous in the zine.

Empowerment & Agency

We respect your autonomy and agency. You will have the opportunity to be actively involved in the zine creation process, allowing you to choose what aspects of your stories you wish to share and how you want to be represented.

Avoiding Exploitation

We are committed to being mindful of the power dynamics involved in zine-making processes and overall research. The zine project does not aim to exploit your vulnerability or emotional experiences for personal gain or sensationalism.

Sensitivity to Trauma

We understand that endometriosis can be physically and emotionally challenging. I want to handle your stories with sensitivity to any potential trauma you may experience while sharing them.


Diversity & Inclusivity

The zine is meant to provide a space for a diverse representation of experiences within the endometriosis community. This might involve making a genuine effort to include diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and severity of the condition to avoid creating a single narrative of what endo violence means. This is not to say we know how to approach this in a perfect way as we bring our biases and experiences into the process.


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