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Photographer: Kinga Swiatek



HYSTERA (dr Alicja Pawluczuk) is a multidisciplinary artist and researcher whose practice intertwines the realms of art, education, and academia. With an extensive background in digital inequalities and participatory digital justice education programs, she seamlessly merges her expertise to create people-centred, thought-provoking, and innovative works. Her artistic practice explores the interplay between research and creative interventions for social change. By embracing participatory, decolonial, intersectional, and experimental approaches, she aims to create spaces, communities, and artworks that challenge conventional boundaries and spark meaningful conversations.

Her artworks possess an unmistakable kitschy vibrancy, but more importantly, they embody a powerful sense of hysteria.


Through her unique form of hysterical artivism, HYSTERA endeavors to shed light on the collective and often invisible suffering caused by centuries of medical misogyny and the persisting gender health gap.

Within her artworks, HYSTERA delves deep into the exploration of her intersecting identities as a technology researcher, feminist, migrant, disabled activist, and artist. By grounding these identities within a broader socio-technological context, she unveils intricate layers of societal dynamics, power structures, and the complexities of lived experiences.


By fearlessly confronting societal issues, she emboldens others to question existing power structures and envision a world where the collective suffering caused by gender inequality and medical misogyny is recognised and addressed.


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