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Photographer: Kinga Swiatek



HYSTERA (dr alicja pawluczuk) is a hysterical artivist.


HYSTERA's artworks are kitschy, vibrant, and most importantly - hysterical. Through hysterical artivism, she aims to raise awareness of the collective and often invisible suffering as a result of centuries of medical misogyny and the existing gender health gap. HYSTERA’s works also explore her intersecting identities, as a technology researcher, feminist, migrant, disabled activist, and artist, and ground them within a wider socio-technological context.

HYSTERA was born in Poland, educated in Scotland, and is currently based in Berlin, where she is an artist in residence at the Hotel die Fabrik.


Selected projects and publications include Gendered Pain, Girl Can DoBodyform’s #painstories, Endo Art: ‘Women do not even get the privilege of owning their pain’, ’Overthinking female chronic pain: how I’m playing the socially constructed role of a sensible endometriosis patient’, and HYSTERICAL artivism: feminist tech - body autonomy - the self


Read about HYSTERA’s artivism in KALTBLUT, Konibi Arts, and Curated by Girls.



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